In Ministerium Aliis “In Service to Others”

Private Wealth Management Services

In Ministerium Aliis “In Service to Others”

Private Wealth Management Services

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Our dynamic approach is unusual, comprehensive, and built for you.

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A distinctive approach, backed by our exceptional qualifications.

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We weave expert estate consulting directly into your unique plan.

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We evaluate how financial decisions can potentially impact current and future tax liabilities

As a Fiduciary, We Provide Independent, Unbiased Advice.

Black Knight Wealth Management is paid directly by our clients for our services.  We receive no compensation, commissions, fee splits, or any other financial incentives from any non-affiliated company.  We do receive compensation from our affiliate company, Black Knight Alternative Investments.  We mitigate this conflict by only recommending BKAI investments to clients for whom the investments are suitable to their risk tolerance.

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28 Years of US Army Service

Black Knight Wealth Management will donate a portion of all annual profits to charitable organizations focused on veterans and their families.

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LT Donaldson Tiller Scholarship Fund

On February 27, 1991, 1LT Donaldson (Donnie) Preston Tillar III died in Iraq when his Blackhawk helicopter was shot down on the day the ceasefire was declared. He was the only West Point graduate to die in combat in Operation Desert Storm.  After thirty years, people are still talking about this 25 year old and honoring his legacy.  The question is "Why?" Good looking, wickedly smart, athletically gifted and a devoted friend only partially describe Donnie. He was a West Point graduate, Army Lacrosse player, and a helicopter pilot. You wanted him in your class, on your team and in your foxhole.  He not only had your back, but he also made you laugh incessantly. He left us all feeling better about ourselves and wanting to be more like him. His legacy is how he made people feel not just about what he accomplished.  The LT Donaldson Tillar Scholarship Fund is meant to honor his memory and inspire young high school graduates to leave the same legacy he left.  A legacy of joy.  A legacy of excellence.  A legacy that will always be remembered by others. A legacy we should all aspire to leave. 

Please use the below link if you would like to donate to Donnie’s Memorial Scholarship Fund:

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